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About Us

Unfortunately:  Border Packers has had to close its business Door as of 13th September 2017.

We thank all those that have supported us over the past 65 Years.

We will be finalising our business accounting as soon as possible,

Border Juices Pty Ltd will be contiinuing its juice processing business.



From the Beginnings?

In ancient times, oranges were hailed as fruit of the Gods, but because they are available to us all year round, many of us take them for granted.

From the early beginning in this area of citrus plantation was prior to 1911, citrus production continually increased which led to the erection of Barham Packing Co in Barham in 1932, which was a family owned and run business until approx. 1997.

During the 1950’s several meetings of local growers decided that to be able to cater for the ever increasing crops another packing shed would need to be built. The present site, on the Victoria side of The Murray River right at the Barham Bridge, was purchased from Mr W Grass.

The shed was built with out the aid of diggers, cranes or electrical tools that we have today. Initially a 13 double sided Harvey Grader was purchased to handle a total of 80,000 cases for fruit annually.

The plant commenced packing Citrus on 9th September 1952.

Numerous other graders purchased over the years had been engineered for the plant with some from GP Graders, Victoria.

Computers become the forefront of requirements with administration and fruit packing, with weightsizers, colorphoto-sorters and automatic carton packers.

With the expansion of citrus in the area increasing, so two was the demand for a juicing plant to cater for the juice quality fruit, so to help off-set the price for freighting the fruit to other areas, Berrivale Orchards from Berri, South Australia and a group of Local Growers worked together on a joint venture project that created “Bar-Berri Pty Ltd.” Commencing in September 1989 and working within that joint venture until Dec 2012 to then slightly change the company structure to Border Juices Pty Ltd.

Company Directors were:

Where were we  planning to go?

We were working towards continually supplying fresh quality citrus fruit and juice to the Australian and International markets, encouraging and promoting the support for Australian Growers and local townships.

We would still encourage everyone to support the local Australian growers.