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Fresh Fruit Packing

What fruit is in at what time of year(Grapefruit, Oranges, Lemons)

Navels and Valencia Oranges, How to tell them apart!

Navels have no seeds, are a rich bright orange colour and very sweet,

Valencia have a few seeds, are great to squeeze as well as eat and sometimes have a tinge of green.

Brand labels( Goldfruit, Sweethearts, Rivergrove)

Goldfruit was started in 1994, With a small number of packing shed agreeing to hold the fruit on the tree to ripen more to allow a more palatable flavored fruit, Border Packers continues this Brand and process to ensure great tasting Grapefruit is on the shelf for consumers.

Sweethearts commenced in 1992 with the sight to sell more smaller sized fruit through the net bag trade, ie little sweethearts…although the fruit does now come in various sizes the same great quality fruit is kept.

Rivergrove being our first brand purchased in 1965,  Originating from the Murray River flowing directly past our door and the numerous local groves from which the fruit was sourced, envisaged the logo  and trademark.(PICTURE)

Packaging (30 Ltr Cartons, 3kg Net Bags , Bulkgraded Bins, Export)

What fruit we supply.(Basic description, photo, uses)

Varieties handled: Citrus fruits, covering Oranges Grapefruit and Lemons.



Navels are the earliest maturing of Orange varieties and can be recognised by the navel shape at the bottom of the fruit. They are seedless and the deep orange skin is easily peeled. Navels are considered by most as the best eating orange. As a winter fruit) ours start to mature in July  through to November) Navels provide timely vitamin C to help ward off colds and flue.

All Oranges are a great source of Vitamin C with Minerals; Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Iron, and Phosphorus; Natural sugars including Glucose, Lactose and Sucrose can be found as well.


(Marketed in the sweetheart Net bag and Rivergrove carton), Valencia oranges - sometimes you will find them with a tinge of green, these are actually the ripest, most delicious oranges available because the green tinge is proof that they have enjoyed plenty of sunshine. Oranges change colour from orange to green after lots of sun because heat brings out the natural chlorophyll in the skin, that’s exactly what’s happening to our delicious Australian Valencia Oranges. So from mid to late summer, look for the green tinge on your oranges to be sure the fruit is fresh, Australian and delicious.


The Grapefruit has a light yellow to dark yellow skin and pale flesh although some varieties have a pink flesh. Our Grapefruit start to mature in August and harvest can extend into late April  to May. They are at their sweetest from September onwards. The Grapefruit is marketed under the Goldfruit Program-  Which is grapefruit being allowed to mature on the tree until the natural fruit sugar and acids are in perfect balance ensuring a deliciously juicy and mellow taste.  To achieve this level of maturity, Goldfruit has been ripened for an extended period, often resulting in a few skin blemishes and discoloration,

Internally however, the fruit is far more palatable than smooth skinned new season fruit.

The extended maturity does not in any way diminish the nutritional value or dietary benefits of the fruit. Packed with vitamin C, fibre, potassium, calcium and pectin, the grapefruit is arguably one of Australia’s best health foods.


Pack types

Available to discuss other options of choice. Label system to suit most requirements with back to orchard traceability.