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Mixed Citrus Marmalade


NB: Combined weight of fruit = 2½Kg


Prepare the fruit anyway that is preferred or use the following:

Cut the fruit in halves, squeeze out the juice and set aside. Take out pips and the fibre from the inside of the peels, and the stem ends of the skins.

Put to soak in 500ml of water.

Next day, put peels in a pan and boil gently until the rind is soft. Boil the pips, etc. for a short while to extract the pectin, then strain and add the water to the cooked pulp. Also add the juices, then bring to a fast boil. Add sugar and boil quickly until set. NB: if a clearer marmalade is preferred, use the ‘fine shred’ method for the lemons and oranges. As the pith is removed, use only 4 litres of water.